Research & Development

Creating Better Cable Products for the Industry

To keep our products relevant and exciting, we have our own product development teams to offer you products to meet your future needs. At Leader Cable Industry Berhad, we anticipate and fulfill needs even before customers are aware they need them. That is why we are constantly keeping up with innovating the next cable product using the best available materials to fit a multitude of applications.

We do so by actively collaborating with renowned companies such as Hitachi Cable (Japan), Olex Cables (Australia) and Showa Electric Wire & Cable Co. Ltd. (Japan). Such knowledge exchange programmes allow us to manufacture better products such as high voltage XLPE power cable. Our engineers regularly attend power cable training courses to study methods of improving the way we manufacture our products.

At Leader Cable Industry Berhad, we engage in 2 types of product research and development:

  • customized product development
  • new design and product development
Customized Product Development

Customised product development depends on your needs. Our wire and cable products are manufactured to meet your technical specifications.

New Design and Product Development

New design and product development is more project-oriented where we create new products with new properties to anticipate and meet future customer trends. The water tight cable or 132kV XLPE water-sealed cable is an award-winning product, one of the items developed under LCIB’s product development programme. This XLPE cable can last for more than 60 years.

Longer lifespan translates to lower cable investment and lower maintenance cost and a reduction in inconvenience in the event of cable failure due to water-treeing (water-treeing phenomenon is one of the most common causes of cable breakdown).

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