Towards A Greener Organisation

LICB's Quality Management and Green Initiatives

LICB now utilises SAP ERP to provide a powerful and comprehensive approach to quality management within the company. Company-wide implementation of SAP ERP enables us to integrate information and processes across departments and corporate boundaries, empowering our employees and supply chain partners to maintain and improve quality levels.

This ERP implementation is also in line with the management direction to reduce paper usage and improve productivity to achieve the company's vision and mission in becoming a green organisation.

For instance, in the development of cables such as Milliken Conductor Cable, we are engaged in the below green activities:

  • Optimizing the efficient current carrying capability
  • Reducing environmental impact
  • Limiting restrictions for land use
  • By not burdening the enviroment through noise reduction

For factory-wide processes, we are engaged in the following:

  • Controlling factory discharge where all drainage outlets are installed with oil traps to prevent accidental discharge of industrial oil to outside drain
  • Managing waste properly where scheduled wastes are collected on a regular basis by Kualiti Alam, an approved vendor of Department of Environment, Malaysia
  • Utilizing software simulation to determine the best cable laying configuration for optimized current carrying efficiency (CYMCAP)
  • Implementing SAP for overall business improvement
  • Recycling where we recycle water at the production lines to cool cables, recycling materials (PVC compound, copper and aluminium), recycling process lubrication oils
  • Installing 30% energy saving lighting at production areas
  • Implementing a 'quick change' process to reduce cleaning up to 80%
  • Implementing scrap management system where scrap is collected on regular basis by approved scrap vendors